League of Legends Betting

Boasting more than 115 million active users and drawing in a viewership that is estimated to exceed five million, League of Legends reigns as the premier watched eSport globally. Such escalating popularity of this title within the realm of professional eSports has sparked a flurry of electrifying tournaments, fierce rivalries, and captivating gaming spectacles in recent years.

Not only do people are willing to follow prominent tournaments but also bet on League of Legends matches which allows them to make money out of that. GGBet is a prominent bookie on the betting market which offers an exhilarating possibility to bet on significant events with competitive odds.

So, whether you are a newcomer to the world of LoL or seeking a handful of insightful betting tips and strategies as well as great League of Legends odds, giving the prospect of winning big, this comprehensive guide is tailored just for you. Below you will explore betting on this prominent title in great detail as well as discover detailed guidelines on how to submit your first bet with a reputable GGBet bookie.

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Exploring GGBet League of Legends betting

In 2009, Riot Games introduced this sensation, League of Legends, which swiftly entrenched itself in the gaming realm. Its enduring popularity over the past decade is remarkable. With sustained viewership, League of Legends stands as a cornerstone in contemporary gaming, holding a significant place in the eSports domain.

Notably, GGBet League of Legends betting shares the spotlight with other acclaimed games like Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Esports encompasses a dynamic blend of elements: an electrifying ambience, rapid-fire tournaments, and an unwavering dedication to professionalism. Among these facets, LoL stands out in the betting community as a potentially lucrative and captivating market.

Prior to starting betting on League of Legends, you need to be aware of several important details about the game itself. The game revolves around teams of up to five players each engaging in intense battles. The central objective is to dismantle the opponent's 'Nexus' – a vital structure located deep within enemy territory. Every player selects their distinct “champion”, equipped with unique strengths and weaknesses for combat. Progression ensues as characters eliminate adversaries such as enemy minions, neutral monsters, and rival champions, thus advancing their levels.

GGBet is a perfect choice for either newcomers or seasoned bettors since it ensures an effortless and enjoyable process of making bets. The main website encompasses a separate section devoted to LoL esports betting which presents a range of options for making bets. There you can browse through the list of matches currently open for betting.

Each match will display essential information such as the competing teams, date, and time. If you select a specific match that interests you the most, you may explore LoL betting odds displayed conveniently in from of you. GGBet offers an immense array of bet types to suit different preferences. GGBet also provides updates and statistics in real time to keep you engaged throughout the game.

How to bet on LoL: Varieties of Wagers in League of Legends on GGBet

Once you are equipped with the basic knowledge about the gameplay itself, you may proceed to the types of bets offered by GGBet betting platform. Below you can check out a table listing various League of Legends bets accessible at GGBet.

Bet Type


Match Winner LoL bets

Predicting the overall winner of a match.

Map Winner

Betting on the team that will win a specific map within a match.


Wagering on a team to win by a specific number of points or objectives.

Totals (Over/Under)

Betting on whether the total score or statistic will be over or under a given value.

First Blood

Predicting which team will get the initial kill in the match.

Player Performance

Betting on individual player statistics like kills, assists, or gold earned.

Tournament Winner LoL Esports bets

Wagering on the team that will win an entire tournament.

Highlighted League of Legends Competitions: bet on LoL worlds with GGBet

Within the LCS, twenty teams engage in distinct competitions spanning North America and Europe, with ten teams representing each region. Each League is divided into two segments, known as “splits,” held during the spring and summer seasons. Notably, the most esteemed Leagues encompass the LCK (South Korea), LPL (China), and LCS (consisting of one League in Europe and another in North America).

Eminent teams from these Leagues secure berths in the World Championship, a monumental event held annually, typically in October. GGBet, as League of Legends betting site, offers the possibility to bet on this significant event in the eSports arena. This championship stands as the pinnacle spectacle throughout the year, captivating millions of viewers through pay-per-view platforms. Simultaneously, it transforms colossal stadiums into battlegrounds, witnessed by throngs of spectators.

GGbet offers a unique chance to bet on LoL worlds but also on the following tournaments:

  • LCS 2023 Championship
  • LEC 2023 Season Finals
  • CBLoL Academy 2023 Split 2 Playoffs
  • CBLoL 2023 Split 2 Playoffs
  • PCS 2023 Summer Playoffs
  • LCK CL 2023 Summer Playoffs
  • VCS 2023 Summer Playoffs
  • Elite Series 2023 Summer Playoffs
  • LoL European Circuit
  • LDL 2023 Grand Finals
  • Ultraliga Season 10 Playoffs
  • Arabian League 2023 Summer Playoffs

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Assessing Value in League of Legends Betting Odds

If you are willing to learn how to bet on League of Legends, it is advisable to study how to comprehend the betting odds and calculate your potential payout from them. Before delving into calculations, familiarize yourself with the odds formats proposed on the GGBet website: decimal, US, Hong Cong, Indo and Malay.

Decimal Odds are presented as numerical values (e.g., 2.50), representing the potential total return (including initial stake) per unit staked. American odds can be positive (e.g., +250) for underdogs or negative (e.g., -150) for favourites. They indicate the profit you could make on a $100 bet (negative odds) or the amount you need to wager to win $100 (positive odds). Often seen in Hong Kong and other Asian markets, these GGBet LoL betting odds display your potential profit relative to your stake.

Commonly used in Indonesia, Indo odds reflect your potential net profit for each unit staked. Widely utilized in Malaysia, Malay odds indicate your potential net profit based on the amount staked. Once you have familiarized yourself with these odds formats in LoL worlds betting, you can proceed to calculate potential payouts using the appropriate formula for each format. These calculations involve multiplying your stake by the odds value or applying specific formulas as per the odds format.

ggbet league of legends betting

Approaches to Succeed out of betting on League of Legends matches with Odds

If you are willing to bet on LoL, it will be really helpful to familiarise yourself with some effective tips and strategies which will enhance your chances of success:

  • Instead of placing all your bets on a single outcome, diversify your wagers across different matches, teams, and markets.
  • Consider focusing on specific markets like Map Winners or Outrights which can give you a deeper understanding of the game's dynamics.
  • Study historical performance, win rates and individual player strengths which can help you identify patterns, strengths, and weaknesses that may impact match outcomes.
  • Keep yourself informed about the latest news and updates within the GGBet esports betting League of Legends community.

League of Legends live betting and Odds

GGBet bookie offers the possibility to experience the thrill of LoL gameplay dynamics by making bets in live mode. Therefore, bettors may engage in betting after the match starts and analyse the start of the game in order to make more accurate predictions. With League of Legends live betting, bettors are no longer just spectators but active participants in the excitement. The betting odds are constantly changing in this mode which gives bettors the possibility to hit really huge winnings by capturing the right moment.


How Do I Begin Making Bets on LoL with GGBet?

First, create an account on the GGBet website and navigate to the eSports section to find the League of Legends matches you are interested in. Browse through the available markets, choose your preferred bets, set your stake, and submit your selection.

Is Live Betting on League of Legends Matches Accessible at GGBet?

Yes, the bookmaker provides a possibility to make bets in live mode on diverse markets.

What Distinguishes GGBet in LoL Betting?

GGBet stands out for its all-embracing coverage of League of Legends events, a user-friendly platform, a wide array of gambling markets and competitive odds.

Can I Wager on International LoL Tournaments at GGBet?

GGBet offers you the chance to bet on a wide scope of prominent events like the World Championship and many more across the globe.

Does GGBet Provide Any Forecasts for League of Legends Matches?

GGBet provides a wealth of statistical data to help you make informed decisions. You can access team and player stats, match outcomes, and stay updated on the latest news and developments within the League of Legends competitive scene.